Lenovo IBM USB Conversion Option (UCO)
Lenovo IBM USB Conversion Option (UCO)

Lenovo IBM USB Conversion Option (UCO)

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Lenovo IBM USB Conversion Option (UCO)

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This option allows xSeries servers with USB-based KVM ports to be attached to one of the Advanced Connectivity Technology (ACT) switches for common management within the rack. The USB Conversion Option (UCO) cable is designed to convert USB-based KVM output to signals that can pass over thin, flexible, industry-standard CAT5 cable which is then fed to either a Remote Console Manager or Local Console Manager. This option includes four UCO cables.

Manage your USB-based products on the same switch as your legacy PS2- or C2T-based KVM servers. This UCO offers outstanding scalability when combined with the Remote Console Manager or the Local Console Manager. It is extremely easy to install and helps improve cable management within the rack.


  • Connector: USB
  • (4) UCO cables, documentation
  • Color: Black Product Type: cable
  • 43211601




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